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What is phosphorus ferret?

Osteodystrophy - Defective bone formations, often due to hyperphosphorosis (too much phosphorous in the diet) is caused by feeding a diet consisting entirely of, or rich in, m (MORE)

What do you use phosphorus for?

Phosphorus can be found in baking powder that can be sat in the  refrigerator. Phosphorus is used to make china and plates. It is  also used to make fireworks, fertilizer, a (MORE)

What is the function of phosphorus?

The main function of phosphorus is forming your bones and teeth. It also helps with:Muscle contractionsNormal heartbeatNerve signalingUsing carbohydrates and fatsMaking protei (MORE)

Phosphorus in the body?

Phosphorus is one of the most important minerals that help the  correct functioning of the human body. It's primarily used in the  repair and production of body tissues and (MORE)
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Can phosphorus be poison?

phosphorus poisoning,   a toxic condition caused by the  ingestion of white or yellow phosphorus, sometimes found in rat  poisons, certain fertilizers, and fireworks. In (MORE)

Is phosphorus Ductile?

This will help you. Phosphorus is not ductile or malleable. For one its a gas. But at room temperature, it hardens. Even when it hardens phosphorus isn't ductile or malleable (MORE)

What are hazards of phosphorus?

Phosphorus is toxic. It can be acutely toxic in larger quantities, and can cause a gruesome condition called "phossy jaw" in lower doses. Phosphorus is also pyrophoric, mean (MORE)

Is phosphorus deadly?

Phosphorus is all about fire. White phosphorus (the dangerous form) literally glows in the dark because it's always reacting with the air around it (this glowing is where pho (MORE)

How was phosphorus discovered?

Phosphorus was discovered in 1669 by Hennig Brand. He had a crazy idea that the key to alchemy was in urine! He was heating up urine one day in an attempt to discover how to c (MORE)