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What is 'photophobia'?

An abnormal sensitivity to or intolerance of light, especially by the eyes, as may be caused by eye inflammation, lack of pigmentation in the iris, or various diseases. . An ( Full Answer )
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What causes photophobia in meningitis?

Photophobia is a condition in which light hurts and burns the eyes.In meningitis the meningeal irritation and intracranial conditionscontribute to photophobia.
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What conditions cause flushing headaches eye pain vision changes nausea vomiting depression anxiety neck pain achy joints and muscles photophobia tingling malaise?

This list of symptoms is fairly vague and could be the result of a long list of diseases and/or disorders. Some are serious, others are not. Diagnosis by a qualified physician ( Full Answer )
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What can one do to treat photophobia?

Photophobia is a severe sensitivity to light and makes it very difficult if not impossible to see in light conditions. It is not just sunlight that can cause problems but also ( Full Answer )
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Is photophobia a noun?

Yes, the word 'photophobia' is a noun , a word for anintolerance to light; severe sensitivity to light; or a fear oflight; a word for a condition.