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What is the photosphere?

An astronomical objects photosphere is the depth of the outer shellof light radiation surrounding the star. The term is derived fromAncient Greek.
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What does the photosphere of the sun do?

It is thought of as the surface of the sun. it is the outermost region where the sun is still opaque. This is where the photons from nuclear fusion escape the sun and make the (MORE)

Where on a star is the photosphere?

The photosphere is the outer part of the star that is visible, inside which the star becomes opaque to visible light. The photosphere is the layer below the star's atmosphere (MORE)
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What does the photosphere do?

The photosphere is the visible surface of a star, such as the Sun. It consists of a zone in which the gaseous layers change from being completely opaque to radiation, to being (MORE)
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Where can you find the photosphere?

I think it's in the Earth's atmosphere, but i'm not sure. you should check wikipedia or yahoo answers just in case, k? ;)