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The discredited 'science' of phrenology explained behavior via the 'bumps' in one's head Who is credited - if that is the word - with the development of this technique?

Franz Joseph Gall is credited -- that is the right word, even for a discredited pseudoscience -- for developing phrenology. Here is a link to additional information about that ( Full Answer )
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What does phrenology mean?

The study of a person's traits by deciphering the shape of the person's skull (phrenos: mind, head, as in schizophrenia; logy: the study of). It's a pseudoscience and has no s ( Full Answer )
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What is horse phrenology all about?

Horse phrenology is about looking at the shape of a horse (Their ears, eyes, chin, etc...) and determining their personality. Some people don't believe in it but it's most def ( Full Answer )
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How do you use phrenological in a sentence?

Phrenology means the study of someone's personality in relation totheir skull features. An example of a sentence with phrenologicalis "In present times, psychologists no longe ( Full Answer )
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What happened to the science of phrenology?

Phrenology became outdated on the basis that it is no longer considered a serious science, and that it cannot be used to obtain information about the brain/mind. it has become ( Full Answer )
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What factors have called phrenologys place as a true science into question?

"The brain is not a homogenous unity, but an aggregate of mental organs with specific functions" - Neuroscience has shown that while some functions occur in localized regions, ( Full Answer )