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What is the best surf shop in phuket?

  There are 3 shops, Cobra in Chalong, Nautilus at Kata Beach and Saltwater Dreaming at Surin Beach.   Cobra specialises in GSI watersports equipment   Nautilus spec (MORE)

Flight time from Singapore to phuket?

1hr 40min to 1hr 50min Singapore Changi (SIN) to Phuket (HKT) by a nonstop flight operated by JetStar Asia, SilkAir or Singapore Airlines.
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How big is Phuket?

Thailand's largest island is also its second smallest province covering an area of approximately 570 square kilometers (Including 32 small islets). The island measures, from n (MORE)

Is there a train from Bangkok to Phuket?

Phuket is an island, and is linked by a road bridge to the mainland of Thailand. You can take a train from Bangkok to Sura Thani and then take a bus or taxi.
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What is a province?

Province describes a political or geographic area smaller than  nation, but larger than district or city. A province is roughly  equivalent to a state. For example:   "I (MORE)

Flight time from Bangkok to phuket?

18 flights per day, 1h 25m duration    7:45 am→9:10 amThai 201SMTWTFSBKK-HKT8:05 am→9:30 amBangkok Airways  271SMTWTFSBKK-HKT8:30 am→9:55 amThai 203SMTWTFSBKK-HK (MORE)
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How do you get from Ko Samui to Phuket?

  You have three options. 1. Fly, it's 75$ for a one way flight per person. Only Bangkok Airways does this route non-stop with an ATR72 twice a day. 2. Get a non-stop (MORE)

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