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What is the mineralogy of phyllite?

There are many different minerals that can make up the mineralogy  of phyllite. These minerals include muscovite,chlorite, or quartz,  sometimes phyllite will include garnet (MORE)

Uses of phyllite?

The foliated metamorphic rock called phyllite has a green color. It  is used in countertops and building facades. Other uses include  decorative garden rock and when crushed (MORE)
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How is phyllite formed?

Phyllite is a fine grained metamorphic rock. It is formed by shale  forming into slate, and slate being put under physical pressure  over time.

What is the origin of phyllite?

  Phyllite is a type of metamorphic rock that comes from adding heat, pressure, and/or chemically active fluids to slate. Slate is the parent, or originial, type of rock f (MORE)

Where is phyllite located?

Phyllite is found in most regionally metamorphosed terranes in the world, including the Appalachians of eastern North America, the Scottish Highlands, and the Alps.
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