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Nature and scope of physical geography?

Nature of geography:- 1. Geography is a bio-physical science:-  geography studies on the principals of geology, climatology,  natural vegetation and botany. 2. Neo-environme (MORE)

How does physical geography affect Syria?

It affects it Syria because they are practically a desert, so  farming is something that they can not really do. But they have  found other ways to to be a good financial co (MORE)

Does Human geography and physical geography relate?

Not really. Human geography is about the society of humans and  their actions, whereas physical geography is about the land and  water of our planet (everything that humans (MORE)
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What is the physical geography of the Sahara?

Considered as a whole, the Sahara is a rather low plateau with an uplifted center that has several mountainous areas. Elevations over much of the Sahara average only 1,000 to (MORE)

Physical geography includes the study of?

Physical geography includes the study of the lithosphere, the  atmosphere, the hydrosphere, and the biosphere. It has five sub  fields: climatology, biogeography, hydrology, (MORE)

How is physical geography different from human geography?

PHYSICAL GEOGRAPHY describes and explains the distribution of the  natural features of the earth that are continually affected by  forces and processes in nature while HUMAN (MORE)

Physical geography of Bangladesh?

It's in South Asia with very flat land. Many main rivers lead into it such as the Ganges (pabna), Megnha and some others. 80% of the land is less than 6 metres above sea level (MORE)

What is the physical geography of United Kingdom?

The physical geography of the United Kingdom consists of hilly and  grassy landscapes. Expect to see a lot of grassy hills, and  Victorian era castles in the country sides. (MORE)