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Are physicians in demand?

as long as there are sick people DOCTORS will always be in demand. The medical schools are getting more competitive and more people want to be doctors over the past 10 years (MORE)
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What physician do?

There are a number of things that physicians do. These  professionals help bring people back to their full healthy selves.

What is a physician and what does he do?

A physician is a doctor of medicine or (practitioner with a doctoral degree in the art and science of medicine and surgery) who can legally diagnose, make recommendations or p (MORE)

What does Physicians do?

Physician is a word that could be used interchangeably with the word doctor. So technically, a physician is responsible for treating ill people. Based on medical specialties, (MORE)

What does physician does?

A physician is, basically, a doctor who takes care of the illness of its patients. He makes sure that he delivers care to the patients in order to relieve them from the pain a (MORE)
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Who is physician?

A physician is your doctor.    In the United States, the Social Security Act, the Office of  Inspector General, JCAHO, and the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid  Serv (MORE)
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What are orthopedic physicians?

doctors or physicians who treats diseases of bones,muscles,ligaments and tendons..are called orthopedic physician....