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Can pica be inherited?

    Pica     Here is input from one FAQ Farmer:     * Well, yes and no. Pica is usually a result of your body craving something that it lacks. For exa (MORE)

What is Pica?

Pica is an eating disorder characterized by continual ingestion of nonnutritive substances such as plaster, paint, paper, dirt, string, wood, crayons, and cloth.
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What is elite and pica?

  elite is a type of typewriter that can type twelve characters to an inch and one hundred two characters on one whole sheet of paper while the pica has big prints and can (MORE)

What is a pica?

There used to be six answers to this question. Now there is one that counts:\n. \nThe Adobe Pica, created by one John Warnock in the 1980s, is exactly one-sixth of an inch, a (MORE)

Can pica kill you?

It is certainly possible that a person who has the pica disorder might eat something that would prove to be fatal. For example, soil can contain anthrax, a very dangerous type (MORE)

What is pica in dogs?

"Pica" refers to ingesting anything that is not a food item. In dogs, some of the items most commonly ingested are rocks, dirt, and clothing materials such as socks. While it' (MORE)