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What is Pica?

Pica is an eating disorder characterized by continual ingestion of nonnutritive substances such as plaster, paint, paper, dirt, string, wood, crayons, and cloth.
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What is a pica?

There used to be six answers to this question. Now there is one that counts:\n. \nThe Adobe Pica, created by one John Warnock in the 1980s, is exactly one-sixth of an inch, a (MORE)

What is pica second?

  A Picosecond is 1/1012 one tenth of a second to the 12th power). Which is the next smallest unit of time from the Nanosecond 1/109 (one tenth of a second to the 9th powe (MORE)

How do people get pica?

  anxiety/depression can cause it. same as if you're feeling nervous and start biting whatever you see (like i do unconsciously). but it can become a habit so becareful if (MORE)

Is pica dangerous?

Pica is eating disorder where people each non-eating substance like  dirt, clay, pencil, rubber, ice, paint etc. Mostly small Children  and female are affected with this dis (MORE)