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What is Pica?

Pica is an eating disorder characterized by continual ingestion of nonnutritive substances such as plaster, paint, paper, dirt, string, wood, crayons, and cloth.

What is a pica?

There used to be six answers to this question. Now there is one that counts:\n. \nThe Adobe Pica, created by one John Warnock in the 1980s, is exactly one-sixth of an inch, a (MORE)

What is pica second?

A Picosecond is 1/10 12 one tenth of a second to the 12th power). Which is the next smallest unit of time from the Nanosecond 1/10 9 (one tenth of a second to the 9th powe (MORE)

Is pica dangerous?

Pica is eating disorder where people each non-eating substance likedirt, clay, pencil, rubber, ice, paint etc. Mostly small Childrenand female are affected with this disorder. (MORE)

How do you know you have pica?

Pica can occur during pregnancy. In some cases, a lack of certain nutrients, such as iron deficiency anemia and zinc deficiency, may trigger the unusual cravings. Pica may als (MORE)