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What is cold-load pick up in power system protection?

Cold load pickup is when you re-energize a distribution system  after it's been out for a length of time. The load becomes "cold"  and draws more current than it would durin (MORE)

Can you pick trilliums?

    Picking trillium is actually illegal in British Columbia, Michigan, New York, Minnesota, Wisconsin, Washington, and some parts of Ontario. Without a permit, that i (MORE)

How does information flow through your nervous system as you pick up a fork?

Your central nervous system's hungry brain activates and guides the muscles of your arm and hand through the peripheral nervous system's motor neurons. When you pick up the fo (MORE)
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Picking and packing?

These terms are often used to describe tasks in a warehouse. They form part of the order fulfilment process. Picking is the selection of items from stored items in the wareho (MORE)

If you pick a lock can you relock it with a pick?

Yes, you can pick a simple lock in either the unlocked or locked position. There isn't much difference in the actions between the two. Additional Response: When a lock is u (MORE)

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