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What are the signs of stalking?

The signes of being stalked are when.... 1. they always call you 2. they are always at your house even if your not 3. They never leave you alone 4. they always ask where you a (MORE)

Is stalking a crime?

Yes, and a serious crime at that. Stalking is often the reason for the issuance of a protective or restraining order against the stalker.
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What is a stalking?

  Stalking is when someone follows your every move without your knowledge, like showing up at your house or at your job,etc. Usually this type of situation is not warrante (MORE)
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What does the stalk of mushrooms do?

The stipe (stem) of a mushroom is essentially used to mediate the  spore dispersal of the fungi (hence a stronger flavor). It is also  used to help lift the cap above the gr (MORE)

Why is it illegal to stalk?

Because in most states, stalking is considered domestic violence, and domestic violence is against the law. Stalking may be either a misdemeanor or a felony, depending on the (MORE)

What is a stalk of celery?

A stalk (or some people call it a rib) is one of the long pieces that are attached at the bottom of the head of celery.     U. S. Department of Agriculture grades  (MORE)

What is stalking?

Stalking is when a person you do not know or someone who is either obsessed, mentally ill, or in a relationship with you, is following you and you are frightened of the person (MORE)

How do you prevent stalking?

Now a days stalking usually occurs on the internet. The best way to avoid this would be to not post any personal information on websites. Like for example, if one website asks (MORE)