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What is a pictorial essay?

Pictorial essays, also called photo essays, tell a story through photographs and text. The text typically has a journalistic feel and helps tell the story, but the primary loc (MORE)
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What is pictorial drawing?

Pictorial drawings provide a 3D image to help understand the drawing. there are 3 different ways to draw a pictorial drawing, Oblique, Isometric, Perspective and Planometric.
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What is a pictorial and schematic drawing?

A pictorial and schematic drawing show all of the components of a  specific system and the wiring between these components. These  drawings can be used for assembly or for t (MORE)

What is pictorial photography?

  Pictorial photography was a movement, peaking in the early part of the 20th Century, which tried to emulate painting and etching. Many pictorialists used soft focus, fil (MORE)

Definition of pictorial media?

Pictorial: pertaining to or consisting of pictures; "pictorial perspective"; "pictorial records" Media: In the arts, media (plural of medium) are the materials and technique (MORE)

What does the silver pictorial hallmark Omega mean?

an Omega symbol on a horizontal line. its an import mark meaning that the item was made abroad, imported and then assayed at SHEFFIELD after 1904. The date Sheffield lette (MORE)
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What is an oblique pictorial drawing?

Drawing in "oblique perspective" means drawing in a way the has a slanted perspective to show multiple sides often seen in eastern artwroks of antiquity. This differs from ort (MORE)