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What is a picture?

Definitions   A visual representation (of an object or scene or person or abstraction) produced on a surface; "They showed us the pictures of their wedding"; "A movie is (MORE)

What are pictures?

A picture is simply a photo of something or someone on a piece of card , paper , etc , ect. A picture can sometimes be something to treasure memories or simply just a decortio (MORE)
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Why are there pictures?

So that people can see what and how other people/objects are like in the past, present, or the misconceived future or for entertainment
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What is picturization?

Picturization means.   pic·tur·ize  verb (used with object),to represent in a picture, especially in a motion picture; make apicture of.
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Pictures do not or pictures does not?

"These pictures do not . . ."   "This group of pictures does not . . ."
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