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What is a pidgin?

Pidgin is a simplified form of a language, often used forcommunication between people who do not share as common language

What is Pidgin?

The word "pidgin" applies to an informal language combining a language's words and slang with native language terms. "Pidgin English" uses words and phrases usually without an (MORE)

How do you speak pidgin?

It depends on which pidgin you want to speak. There are several dozen still spoken in the world today. The following pidgins are all a cross between English and second langua (MORE)

Who speaks pidgin?

Pidgin is word meaning a kind of language where the vocabulary ofone language is overlaid on the grammar of another. It is not asingle language but a type of language. Pidgins (MORE)
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Where was pidgin spoken?

Hawaii Answer: Pidgin is a term used to describe any simplified version of two languages that have been fused and modified to allow trade and commerce. The original pidgin (MORE)
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What is Jamaican pidgin?

There is no such thing as "Jamaican pidgin". In Jamaica, English and Patwa are spoken. Patwa or Patois is similar to an English pidgin. However, by definition, a pidgin is a l (MORE)
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Is Yiddish a pidgin?

No. Pidgin is an artificial, nonliterary work-place jargon using a limited and modified vocabulary from one language according to the phonological and grammatical structure of (MORE)

What are pidgins and creoles?

Pidgins and creoles are two types of artificial language. A pidgin is formed when two cultures first come into contact with each other; since neither speaks the other's l (MORE)