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Why is there a pie called shepherds pie?

Shepherd's pie describes a pie made with minced lamb or mutton topped with mashed potato and baked. The term originated in the late nineteenth century. It is a version of cott (MORE)

What is the EIS on a Mercedes?

EIS Stands For Electronic Ignition Switch. The hardware is the switch into which the key is inserted but the key is not a key in the traditional sense, it is more like a plast (MORE)

Can a brown eyed man and blue eyed woman conceive a blue eyed child?

Yes, Brown eyes are a dominant trait. However, people with brown eyes can still carry a blue eyed gene. To make it simple, if a brown eyed person is carrying a blue eyed ge (MORE)
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Can a blue eyed man and a blue eyed woman have a brown eyed Child?

-i believe that u cant have a brown eyed child if u have blue eyes due to the fact that blue eyes are recessive and if u have two parents with bb as their genotype then it wou (MORE)