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What is a film-noir?

  Film noir is a french term loosely referring to dark film. Its origins started in the United States around the early to mid forties when the US entered WWII. It is calle (MORE)

Who is the black dahlia L.A. Noire?

'Black Dahlia' is the nickname given to Elizabeth Short, a woman murdered in 1947, cut in half by her attacker. LA Noire mentions, and ties the real life Black Dahlia murder (MORE)
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When does Spider-Man noir die?

if spiderman noir will ever die it will be under natural causes my boy noir will never be murdered, NEVER!
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Why pi is pi?

Pi is a mathematical number ( approx 3.14) used to solve equations involving circles. pi times radius squared is the area of a circle. the full is 3.141592653589793 Not quit (MORE)

Is pis pis river real?

Absolutely! The Pis Pis River is in Nicaragua. It was named after the Pis Pis water weed which grows in it.
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What does drakkar noir smell like?

sharp, spicy, lavender amber fragrance. has hints of bergamot, lemon, rosemary, basil, amber and patchouli. base of the fragrance is: cedarwood, leather and sandalwood.
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How is The Killing an example of classic film noir?

I believe you are referring to a film called the Killers, not the Killing. It was loosely based on a short story by Ernest Hemingway. In the story, the lead character was a Bo (MORE)
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Is noir masculine or feminine?

Adjectives don't usually carry gender, just nouns. Noir is an adjective, so it isn't inherently either; it is neutral. But you would add an e (noire) if pairing with a feminin (MORE)