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What is inside of pierogies?

  In international cuisine, the contents of pierogies (or perogies) are often influenced by the local culture or taste. Most often pierogies contain either a mashed patato (MORE)

What are pierogies?

It's a sort of little pie of pastry with a filling. A sort of Russian samosa Potato and Cheese Filling / 1 | tablespoon grated onion / 2 | tablespoons butter / 2 | cups (MORE)

What breading do you use to make deep fried pierogi?

You don't need any breading. Pierogies can be inserted right into  your deep fryer from their frozen state. It only takes a few  minutes, and the outer layer will become the (MORE)

How long do cooked pierogies last in refrigerator?

You shouldn't keep them in the fridge for longer than 2 days as the filling doesn't taste good anymore. It's better to freeze them uncooked and then boil them on the day when (MORE)
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What is a pierogi?

If its pierohy (Ukrainian) or pierogy (Russian) you want - the're both virtually the same - , it is dough with potato or cabbage inside. looks a bit like an ear.
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What color is Pierogi?

They are usually a creamish-white, but you can change the color of them when you put different things in them, like beets will make them red.

What is the recipe for pierogis?

Pierogis with Cottage Cheese Recipe    Ingredients:    Potato and Cheese Filling:   1 T finely grated onion   2 T butter   2 cups cold mashed potatoe (MORE)
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Can you explain what Pierogies are?

Pierogies are dumplings made of unleavened dough which are boiled then later fried. They originated from Eastern Europe and can come in savoury or sweet varieties such as chee (MORE)