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What are pierogies?

It's a sort of little pie of pastry with a filling. A sort of Russian samosa Potato and Cheese Filling / 1 | tablespoon grated onion / 2 | tablespoons butter / 2 | cups (MORE)
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What color is Pierogi?

They are usually a creamish-white, but you can change the color of them when you put different things in them, like beets will make them red.
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What is a pierogi?

If its pierohy (Ukrainian) or pierogy (Russian) you want - the're both virtually the same - , it is dough with potato or cabbage inside. looks a bit like an ear.
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What is the pierogies recipe on diners drive ins and dives the episode called bar food?

The recipe frm episode   The Pierogi Recipe From Diners Drive-Ins And Dives Bar Food Episode  DV0403H From The Starlight Lounge is as follows:    (This is straight (MORE)