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Why laplace transform?

  gonna keep this short and 2 the point .. i had the same question and i found this webpage .. it helped me a lot .. so try reading it hope it helps u out .. www.dartmouth (MORE)

Why do you use laplace transform?

The most generalized reason would be:   "To solve initial-valued differential equations of the 2nd (or higher) order." Laplace is a little powerful for 1st order, but it (MORE)
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What did Pierre Simon Laplace discovered?

He formulated Laplace's equation, and pioneered the Laplace transform which appears in many branches of mathematical physics, a field that he took a leading role in forming. T (MORE)

What is the laplace transform of log function?

The Laplace transform is a widely used integral transform in  mathematics with many applications in physics and engineering. It  is a linear operator of a function f(t) with (MORE)