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Who is Pierre in the giver?

Pierre is a fellow Eleven whose number is Twenty. Jonas does not  like Pierre very much because he is 'very serious, not much fun,  and a worrier and tattletale.' He is alwa (MORE)
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How rich is pierre emmanuel plassart?

Pierre-Emmanuel Plassart is a producer, writer, and director. He  was born on August 29, 1982. He does not appear to be rich because  there is no information found on his ne (MORE)

Does Pierre Bouvier have a girlfriend?

Pierre has a girlfriend, her name is Lachelle Farrar and he even  wrote her a song in their last album, I Can Wait Forever.    updated Jan 2015: Pierre is married to L (MORE)

What is the French name 'Pierre' in English?

"Peter" is the English equivalent of the French name "Pierre." Specifically, the French name is a masculine proper noun. Both the English and the French names trace their or (MORE)