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What were some main achievements from Pieter Breugel the Elder?

  One was the Peasant Wedding which was known because it shows his affection for peasant life and his droll humor. Another is the Tower of Babel which shows the constructi (MORE)

How did Pieter Brueghel the Elder use the principles of design in Return of the Hunters?

He created unity by using similar colors throughout the entire composition, and by organizing the town and hunt on a diagonal line. He used asymmetrical balance to make the (MORE)
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What Did Pieter Brueghel Believe In?

pieter brueghel is a humanist and believed that all humans have  worth and potential to do great things
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Why elders are in elders home?

Many times, people feel that they are unable to care for their elderly loved ones properly themselves. They may not have the necessary space or training to provide the kind of (MORE)

What impact did Pieter Bruegal the Elder have on the Renaissance?

Pieter Bruegel is known as one of the first renaissance  artists to recognize a landscape on its own and not just the  backgrounds of religious paintings. He also decided to (MORE)

How did Pieter Bruegel the Elder die?

  There are no precise records of what Pieter Bruegel died of. All that we know is, that he died on or about December 5th 1569, aged 44, and was buried at the Church of No (MORE)

Why was Pieter Bruegel famous?

  Pieter Brueghel, born sometime 1525, died 1569, is generally considered to be the greatest Flemish painter of the 16th century. He was well known for his Landscapes an (MORE)

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