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What does elder mean?

In general, the word elder means older and is usually used   to refer to someone who is among the older ones in a group of people.   It is also used as a an alternativ (MORE)

How did Pieter Brueghel the Elder use the principles of design in Return of the Hunters?

He created unity by using similar colors throughout the entire composition, and by organizing the town and hunt on a diagonal line. He used asymmetrical balance to make the (MORE)
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What Did Pieter Brueghel Believe In?

pieter brueghel is a humanist and believed that all humans have  worth and potential to do great things
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Why elders are in elders home?

Many times, people feel that they are unable to care for their elderly loved ones properly themselves. They may not have the necessary space or training to provide the kind of (MORE)
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Why do you respect to elders?

Because If We Respect Others We Get The Feeling That We Are Doing  Respect
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What impact did Pieter Bruegal the Elder have on the Renaissance?

Pieter Bruegel is known as one of the first renaissance  artists to recognize a landscape on its own and not just the  backgrounds of religious paintings. He also decided to (MORE)
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What did the council of elders do?

The Council Of Elders (Gerousia) comprised 30 citizens who were  males at least 60 years of age and included the two kings. Those  conducted the routine business of governme (MORE)

What is respecting elders?

Respecting elders can be showing kindness or giving a helping hand to an older member of the family or society. It can also be deferring to the knowledge and opinions of an ol (MORE)
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What is caring for elders?

Caring for elders can include a variety of things. It's providing them with the basic needs, like shelter, food and water. It's making sure that they are taking any medication (MORE)