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What is facial piety?

I don't know if there is any such thing as facial piety but this might have been confused with filial piety. filial piety was a belief introduced by Confucius in ancient China ( Full Answer )
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What is filial piety?

Filial piety (from fils , meaning son) is a respect anddevotion towards one's parents, elders, and ancestors. It is afacet of most societies and religions, and a major tenet ( Full Answer )
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Filial piety refers to the duty of?

The Filial piety refers to the duty of classmates doing their own duty, something not similar to what you are doing. Pick up a book, read and learn about, and do the work your ( Full Answer )
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How do you activate piety in runescape?

To be able to activate Piety, you need the required prayer level + you need to have completed the Knights Challenge Mini-Game at Camelot castle ( Top Floor ).
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Is piety a virtue?

To answer this question one needs to define "piety" and "virtue", and then clarify who is asking the question. Simply put, piety is purity of heart, mind and body coupled wit ( Full Answer )
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What does piety mean?

Piety is a state of religious devotion or reverence. It is the nounform of the adjective "pious" (devoutly religious). Piety is theoutward expression of faith.
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What is the falial piety?

In Confucian ideals, filial piety is one of the virtues to be held above all else: a respect for the parents and ancestors.
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Why is filial piety a problem in Asia?

Based on my experience growing up with a Chinese mother and a Dutch father, I would say that the Confucian concept of "filial piety" is simply misinterpreted and overrated. ( Full Answer )
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What does fial piety means?

I think the phrase is "filial piety". It means respect for one's parents and ancestors.