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What is the piezoelectric effect?

When some substances are subjected to mechanical stress thisproduces an electrical charge in them. If one of these samesubstances is subjected to an electrical charge it will (MORE)
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How does piezoelectricity works?

  Piezoelectricity is simply energy realeased when certain minerals, such as quartz are compressed or put under some kind of stress. The quartz will release voltage, usall (MORE)

What does piezoelectric mean?

Piezoelectricity is the ability of some materials (notably crystals and certain ceramics , pincluding bone to generate an electric field or electric potential in response to (MORE)
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What are piezoelectric substances?

peizo electric substances are those substances which when placed in a uniform magnetic field then it lies perpendicular to the magnetic field.
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What is a Piezoelectric gauges?

An instrument used to measure blast pressures resulting from explosions and pressures created in firearms, using a piezoelectric substance that produces a voltage when under p (MORE)

What are piezoelectric transducers?

These convert pressure into voltage. When certain crystals are compressed or stretched, they exhibit a voltage across their faces, which can be utilised for various applicatio (MORE)