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What is hyper pigmentation?

Answer . Hyper-pigmentation , a process of the skin to be darken as compare to its surrounding. Our skin cell melanocytes produce a substance called melanin. melanin i (MORE)
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What is a pigment?

A pigment is a general term for one of a large group of materials that selectively absorbs or reflects certain wavelengths or colors of light. By selecting the correct pigment (MORE)
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What is pigment?

a substance that gives color to a substance. As an example, adding Red Iron Oxide pigment to a cement mix, will give a brick red coloration to the cement
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How do you get pigment?

As in, "How is commercial pigment (for paints etc.) made?" The process for making pigment, mostly titanium dioxide (TiO2), starts with mineral sands. This sand is mined from (MORE)
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Do pigs have pigment?

according to my hypotenuse of the square root of 81 times 2 with a remainder of 6 divided by 69 = yes, yes they do have pigment. it all started in 1923, when the Romans disc (MORE)
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What is anthracotic pigmentation?

Anthracotic pigmentation is usually found in the lungs of heavy smokers and is the result of tar and coal built up over time from cigarette use.
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What is a pigment and How is it used?

Pigment is a substance that provides color. In art, pigments are usually a dry powder ground from naturally occurring substances like minerals or plants. The dry pigment can b (MORE)