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What is a pigment and How is it used?

Pigment is a substance that provides color. In art, pigments are usually a dry powder ground from naturally occurring substances like minerals or plants. The dry pigment can b (MORE)

What is respiratory pigment?

  A respiratory pigment is a substance (such as hemoglobin or  hemocyanin) with a molecule consisting of protein with a pigmented  prosthetic group, involved in the phys (MORE)
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How did the pigments in a spinach leaf compare to the pigments in a red leaf?

The pigments in the green leaf[spinach] contain 2 yellow green[chlorophyll b], faint yellow[carotenes] an yellow[xanthophyll]. In the red leaf[Moses in the Cradle or Poinsetti (MORE)

Treatment for pigmentation?

Pigmentation of the skin can be treated by various methods  including home remedies such as aloe Vera and rosehip oil. Other  ways to treat pigmentation are with prescriptio (MORE)
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What is the epidermal pigment?

Epidermal pigment is pigment that is on the outer layer of the  skin. In humans, that is usually melanin, which is the pigment that  makes up skin.
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What color is the xanthophyll pigment?

Xanthophylls are a set of the naturally occurring yellow pigments. the word is greek in origin, "Xanthos" meaning yellow, "phyllon" meaning leaf. Two Xanthophylls, lutein and (MORE)
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What are pigments in biology?

Something that gives another thing its colour    eg. Chlorophyll gives plants its green colour.
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