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What is a pigment?

A pigment is a general term for one of a large group of materials that selectively absorbs or reflects certain wavelengths or colors of light. By selecting the correct pigment (MORE)
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What is pigment?

a substance that gives color to a substance. As an example, adding Red Iron Oxide pigment to a cement mix, will give a brick red coloration to the cement
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Treatment for pigmentation?

Pigmentation of the skin can be treated by various methods  including home remedies such as aloe Vera and rosehip oil. Other  ways to treat pigmentation are with prescriptio (MORE)
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How do you get pigment?

As in, "How is commercial pigment (for paints etc.) made?" The process for making pigment, mostly titanium dioxide (TiO2), starts with mineral sands. This sand is mined from o (MORE)
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How do you use a pigment?

A paint consists of a pigment with a binder, usually a polymer, and may also contain a solvent or plasticiser to make the paint flow more easily. Early artists found egg yolk (MORE)
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What does thermochromic pigment do?

Thermochromic pigment is a kind of special powder that can change color with temperature,when temperature get rise,it would change color from colorful to colorless,or from one (MORE)
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What is a fluoresecent pigment?

Fluorescent means really bright and vivid, sometimes glow in the dark, and pigment is a smell. So for instance luminous colours are also Fluorescent.
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What are pigments in biology?

Something that gives another thing its colour    eg. Chlorophyll gives plants its green colour.
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