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Who was peace pilgrim?

Peace Pilgrim was a lady who walked across North America spreading the word of peace. She walked 25,000 miles and is one of her quotes, This is the way of Peace, overcome hatr (MORE)

What did the pilgrims hunt?

The Pilgrims simply hunted small game such as squirrels, rabbits, and sometimes they would hunt deer.
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What was the nationality of the Pilgrims?

The Pilgrims who came to America were mainly composed of English  puritans and separatists and departed from Plymouth England, so  their nationality was English.
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Who are the pilgrims fathers?

The Pilgrim fathers were individuals who were persecuted for their religion and sailed to the 'New land' of America in search of a new life.
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Who is barron pilgrim?

THE OCEAN POET barron pilgrim has written several books of  romance and the ocean. the books are a romantic, faith based of  wisdom and experience and some quotes from the b (MORE)

Who is Chaucer's pilgrim?

There are about 30 pilgrims in Chaucer's 'The Canterbury Tales'.   One of the following may match your letter count and existing  letters:   The Host, Harry Baily  (MORE)