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Who were the Pilgrims?

The first pilgrims began as a religious group. The Separatists which is what they called themselves, felt that the only way to practice their faith was to separate from the ch (MORE)

Who are the pilgrims?

The pilgrims are a Separatist group. They though that the Church of England was to much of a Catholic church, so they wanted to move to Holland where they could have free opin (MORE)

Why are the Pilgrims called Pilgrims?

A pilgrim is a person who travels to a sacred place for religiousreasons. Or someone who travels on long journeys. This is a goodterm for the Pilgrims who were seeking a place (MORE)

What did the pilgrims do?

they planted t here food and made things for them and other people. the men went out to get the wood and they had to go hunting to get the food. the woman did the all of the c (MORE)

What did pilgrims do?

Pilgrims are people who make a long journey (usually on foot) in search of moral significance or meaning, generally for their religion. It can include journeys to shrines and (MORE)

What were the pilgrims about?

they wanted to start their own religion they only had enough money to sail to the nedtherlands they didn't like it there they're children were learning dutch as they're main l (MORE)