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What happened to top hat hamburger chain in the Detroit mi area 1950's?

Chain sold off most locations in 1980 to Churches Chicken and most stores were converted to their own chicken restaurants. The last 3 were sold to Big Boy in the mid 80's with (MORE)

How do pilgrims live?

How pilgrims lived was they were fed off of the rivers for water, and the men and boys hunted fish, animals, and other things. The woman gathered things such as berries, and e (MORE)

Where did the pilgrims land?

The Pilgrims landed on The Plymouth Rock located in down town Plymouth, Massachusetts, after leaving England for there religious beliefs.
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How did the Pilgrims get to Plymouth?

The Pilgrims got to what is now Plymouth, Massachusetts, from Plymouth, England, by sailing vessel. One hundred of them survived the grueling 66-day journey across the Atlanti (MORE)

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Did most pilgrims wear black clothes with buckle s depicted in most pictures?

The word "pilgrim" specifically relates to medieval travellers visiting religious shrines all over Europe; it has also been (incorrectly and confusingly) applied to those earl (MORE)