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What is a pillow?

A pillow is a multiple shaped, sized, colored, and textured object.  It can be soft or hard, and you usually rest your head on it at  night. It is a threadmade structure tha (MORE)
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What are pillow mints?

Pillow mints are small, square, pastel-colored pieces of mint candy that are somewhat puffed up in the shape of pillows. Some fancy restaurants have them as small after-dinner (MORE)
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How do you plump pillows?

To plump pillows you have to pick them up, grab opposite sides and squash and stretch and squash and stretch!
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Is pillow a verb?

Pillow can be used as a noun or a verb. There are two meanings to it. Using pillow as a noun refers to the object we use for sleeping or as a part of the cushion in a furnit (MORE)
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What kind of pillow is the softest pillow?

Down Pillows by far. Make sure to get goose down and pay attention to the thread count. If you really want soft get a 1000 thread count!
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How do you with a pillow?

if you want to know how to masturbate with a pillow i can tell you first get naked then get a pillow body pillows work best but any pillow will work. then put the pillow on yo (MORE)
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What do pillows have in them?

Pillows can be made with a number of thing. The most common being  feathers, foam, and synthetic fibers. Feathers or Down can be very  soft but may lose neck support. Foam, (MORE)