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How can you be a pilot?

I think I could be a pilot if I get the chance of learning about aviation.
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What does a pilot do?

An aviator is a person who flies aircraft for pleasure or as a profession. The word is normally applied to pilots.As of 2006, just over 6% of certified pilots (both private an ( Full Answer )
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Who is a pilot?

A pilot is someone with the specialist training and qualifications to manoeuvre a craft. This includes, aircraft, hovercraft and ships. In shipping, a Pilot is employed lo ( Full Answer )
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Private pilot to professional pilot?

If I were an employer, looking at your resume where it says "Private Pilot for so 'n' so for oh so long" I'd think, "This guy's got potential, and he seems to have a passion f ( Full Answer )
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Which is better a private pilot or a pilot?

Technically a pilot is anyone who has flown an airplane. In the USA, there are several different levels of pilot certificates. They go: Student Pilot Certificate (can fly s ( Full Answer )
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Why does a pilot need a co pilot?

In most aircraft a co-pilot is not needed. However, most largercommercial passenger aircraft do require them. Airplanes requireconstant checks and re-checks of systems and che ( Full Answer )
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How you can be a pilot?

Find a flight training school near you, get your private license, and keep working your way up to ATP rating.
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What does the pilot do when the plane is on auto pilot?

When the plane is on autopilot, the pilot monitors the autopilot to ensure it is functioning properly. They make necessary adjustments to maintain the desired flight path and ( Full Answer )
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How do pilots pilot planes to their destination?

Answer 1: After the flight's routing is decided (this is planned before the pilots arrive to the aircraft), the pilots enter all their waypoints into a very complex computer ( Full Answer )