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What were Kamikaze pilots?

Japanese Navy Air Force suicide pilots means "Divine Wind" in  Japanese; also called Shinpu, meaning "military might".   Japanese Army Air Force suicide pilots called Tok (MORE)

Why are pilots important?

They are important because if we didn't have them then we wouldn't be able to ride in airplanes. Airplanes are used for many important things such as shipping goods, transport (MORE)

What do Commercial pilots do?

Commercial pilots are pilots who get paid for flying. They hold at least a Commercial Pilots Licence and usually have more ratings eg an Instrument Rating that allow them to f (MORE)

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What is a airline pilot?

An airline pilot is a person who is trained to fly an aircraft.  These airline pilots take a lot of time and effort through their  training, so as to be mold themselves as p (MORE)

Why does a pilot need a co pilot?

In most aircraft a co-pilot is not needed. However, most larger  commercial passenger aircraft do require them. Airplanes require  constant checks and re-checks of systems a (MORE)

Who is a pilot responsible to?

Pilot is the one who is flies an aircraft.He is responsible for all the controls the aircraft. Military pilots are trained with a different syllabus than civilian pilots, whi (MORE)