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What does a pilot do?

An aviator is a person who flies aircraft for pleasure or as a profession. The word is normally applied to pilots.As of 2006, just over 6% of certified pilots (both private an (MORE)

Who is a pilot?

A pilot is someone with the specialist training and qualifications to manoeuvre a craft. This includes, aircraft, hovercraft and ships. In shipping, a Pilot is employed lo (MORE)

Which is better a private pilot or a pilot?

Technically a pilot is anyone who has flown an airplane. In the USA, there are several different levels of pilot certificates. They go: Student Pilot Certificate (can fly s (MORE)

Why does a pilot need a co pilot?

In most aircraft a co-pilot is not needed. However, most largercommercial passenger aircraft do require them. Airplanes requireconstant checks and re-checks of systems and che (MORE)

How do pilots pilot planes to their destination?

Answer 1: After the flight's routing is decided (this is planned before the pilots arrive to the aircraft), the pilots enter all their waypoints into a very complex computer (MORE)