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Is Cooper Manning Eli Manning?

No! Just google "Cooper Manning" for more info on the older brother. Archie manning, the Mannings father, played football NO. Cooper Manning is the older brother of Peyto (MORE)
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Why is a man a mammal?

Because humans are vertebrate, air-breathing animals who have live birth, and whose mothers produce milk for their young. Other criteria include sweat glands, hair/fur, and th (MORE)

What is man to man marking in football?

  Answer   Man to man marking is when each player picks up a player and stays on that player for most of the game . the player generaly marks their player so tight t (MORE)

What is manned exploration?

Manned Exploration, commonly referred to in NASA as Manned Flight, is any mission which involves the direct participation in space of a human being, be it as a pilot, speciali (MORE)
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Is Spider-Man a spider or a man?

Spider-Man is a teenage boy named Peter Parker who got bitten by a radioactive spider. The radioactive spider gave him superpowers which enable him to climb walls, jump real h (MORE)

Dignity of man?

Everyone needs diginity. But not everyone needs to be the same with  it. All guys are going to have less of a macho type personality,  then more feminine. It all just depend (MORE)

What does man vs man mean?

Man vs man is just a theme that indicates people are on the  different sides of the conflict rather than Man versus nature, or  the environment, or technology, or God, or ma (MORE)