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How do you pimp out a car?

yes! jag's are the hottest car's yet! as longg is a good looking guy is in the front seat! boy lady's all over you
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How do you pimp your car?

Some noe in my town has put two tennis or golf balls in a sock and put the sock on the back of their car making it look like a scrodum, or ball sack. Most pimp cars are old or ( Full Answer )
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How does a pimp pimp?

he puts a girl on the streets and waits a week and then the girl must give him 80% of her profits
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What is a pulpit pimp?

This can be one of two things : A pimp who uses exhortation and persuasion to keep his women doing his bidding , or a preacher who is NOT truly called, but uses a gift of gab ( Full Answer )
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Is it hard for a pimp?

If your mean by living standards, yes because there are anti-pimping laws in place. It is espically hard for a pimp's prositute because a pimp keeps her in place by means of v ( Full Answer )
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How do you pimp woman?

you have to feel like a king in your mind you have to be first then second then thrid you are it let a woman choose you the other way wont work then win her trust then knoock ( Full Answer )
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How to be a pimp?

I really wouldn't suggest pimping because you know it's hard out here for a pimp when he's tryin to get money for the rent. And his hoes out there being spent, and it's a whol ( Full Answer )
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What is a herp pimp?

A herp pimp is a term coined by's Wacky Pete. It refers to a pimple which appears near an individual's mouth, which causes others to think it is a cold sore.
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Was Mozart a pimp?

Mozart was a pimp but first he was in a pimp apprenticeship to thegreat Aron Wristel.
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What is the tower of pimps?

The tower of pimps is a four block tall "tower" made of gold blocks created by Gavin during episode 2 of let's play minecraft by Roosterteeth... it is awarded to the winner of ( Full Answer )