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What is a spool pin?

Spool pins are used on sewing machines to hold the spool of thread. Most or vertical, some that are horizontal use a spool cap to secure the spool of thread. Some machine come (MORE)

What does a rolling pin do?

A rolling pin is a cylinder shaped kitchen utensil used for rolling dough for foods, such as biscuits, pasta, pie shells and for cutting cookies.
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What are dissecting pins?

Dissecting pins are used to hold down the body of your specimen when being dissected.
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What are the lapel pins for?

Lapel Pins Lapel pins are smaller than trading pins. These usually goes on the collar or lapel of a suite. Lapels might be made out of cloisonne, off-set, soft enamel, or di (MORE)

What is ATM pin?

An ATM PIN stands for Personal Identification Number. It is a unique number that is specific to an ATM card and a customer. This number needs to be entered in the ATM machine (MORE)

What is pin support?

Pin supports consist of a pin through 2 components which allows rotation about the joint but no translation relative to the pin due to the reactive forces from the pin prevent (MORE)

Why is a PIN needed?

PIN is your secret code to you card, it is needed to prevent other people from using when it's lost. Think this: If you had no PIN to your card and you lost, other people wi (MORE)

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