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What is a pinball machine?

People don't see them all that much anymore, but anyone who has ever been a fan of arcade games will have heard of the pinball machines - these behemoths are boxlike creatures (MORE)

What type of metal is a pinball made of?

Pinballs basically come in two different materials; carbon-steel and chrome-steel. Carbon steel has less ability to retain magnetism. Chrome-steel can hold magnetism very easi (MORE)

What is the value of a kiss pinball machine?

  Depending on the condition of the machine, assuming it's in good working and cosmetic condition it is worth around $2225.
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What is the size of a pinball?

  A normal pinball in an average pinball machine is 1 1/16" in diameter and weighs 80 grams.
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Do they still make pinball machines?

Yes, Stern still makes pinball machines, but as far as I know they are the last company to do so. You can check them out at
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When was the first pinball machine made?

The first coin-operated "pinball machine" was invented in 1931 by Automatic Industries and was called "Whiffle Board". But the gaming industry really began in the mid 1930's w (MORE)

3D Pinball cheats'?

type H,I,D,D,E,N, tap the space bar then type T,E,S,T and you control the ball withe the mouse press enter afterward to immediately get 1,000,000,000 points in High Score (w (MORE)
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How do you get high score on pinball?

Practice. You need to know the table inside out. You will get through a lot of 20ps or 25 cents before you get one! Search on Youtube to find videos of the masters telling you (MORE)

How do you get pinball for windows 7?

Well you can just go onto the internet. Find a 'pinball download for free' then download it press start, run then finish then you have it. Its sooo simple. If it doesnt work g (MORE)