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Who was Pindar?

He was a Greek poet, born about 520 BCE in Thebes. He is one of the most famous greek poets of all time and was quite wealthy, he traveled widley and died in 443 bc
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What does the phrase Pindaric Flight means?

A "Pindaric Flight" is a technique employed by an author and, more broadly, a figure of speech concerning spoken language. In written text, it denotes a series of events inter (MORE)

Where did Pindar live?

Pindar was born near Thebes, Greece between 522 and 518 B.C. He wasa lyric poet in ancient Greece who wrote victory odes, hymns,laments, and other types of poetry genres. He d (MORE)
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Did pindar have kids?

i have been searching and I found the answer. Since he only wrote Olympian Odes he proboubly liked pie. Thats what I got out of 9876 hrs of searching.SO THERE!
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Pindar was a Greek man best known for what?

Pindar was a Greek man best known for his poems. Pindar was a Boeotian poet, counted as one of the nine lyric poets of Greece. He was born in 518 bc.

What has the author Peter Pindar written?

Peter Pindar has written: 'The R---l brood' -- subject(s): Studies, Political satire, English, Humour, English Political satire 'Peter Pindar's Third epistle to his cousin (MORE)

What has the author Pindar written?

Pindar. has written: 'Des Pindaros Werke in die Versmaasse des Originals' 'Pindarous periodos, hoc ist, Pindari lyricorum principis' -- subject(s): Latin poetry, Greek poe (MORE)

What has the author Peter Pindar Stearns written?

Peter Pindar Stearns has written: 'Partita for piano (1961)' -- subject(s): Variations (Piano) 'The history & genealogy of John Friend of Salem, Massachusetts and his desc (MORE)