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Are Hobby Lobby pinewood derby kit cars legal for Boy Scouts?

Different packs have different rules so the best answer is to check with your pack. As far as the car body, wheels and axles most packs only allow what is in the box to be use (MORE)

What mares have won the Kentucky Derby?

Technically, a mare is defined as a female horse over the age of three. A filly is a female horse three years or younger. Since the Kentucky Derby is a race for 3-year-olds on (MORE)

How do you oven bake a pinewood derby car?

Yes, people do oven bake a pinewood derby car. It removes moisture from the wood, which weighs at least a few grams, and that weight can then be relocated to the rear of the c (MORE)

Longest horses name in the derby?

I will assume by "derby" you mean Kentucky Derby. I will also assume that you only mean winners of the Derby. There have been two Derby-winning horses with 15 letters in their (MORE)

How do you polish pinewood derby tires?

If you just want to polish the tires, get yourself a wheel mandrel and spin the tire in a drill press or locked down hand drill on lowest speed. Then apply a 600 grit or highe (MORE)

What is the difference between balsa wood and pinewood?

They differ by both density and stiffness. Balsa is about/almost three times lighter and pine is three times stiffer. N.J.
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How much does a pinewood derby kit weigh?

This depends on the desity of the Pinewood block in the kit. The block can vary from 90 grams to 150 grams, but usually averages around 110 grams. If we add the wheels & axles (MORE)

Why is the Pinewood derby rigged?

What makes you think that it is rigged? If you have the same people win your Pinewood Derby over and over, it is most likely because they are putting more efforts into their c (MORE)
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What is the size of a pinewood derby block?

Pinewood Derby blocks are generally 7 inches in length, 1.75 inches in width, and 1.25 inches in height. The density of the wood can have them weigh anywhere between 90 and 15 (MORE)