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What does racing for pink slips mean?

In California, proof of ownership was shown with the 'pink' copy of the vehicle registration. You could sell your car by signing over the pink slip to the new owner. Or you (MORE)

What does a pink slip mean at a job?

A pink slip is notice of termination. It used to be a pink slip of paper in your pay packet that basically don't bother to come back to work the next week. Now it is used to r (MORE)

What does give the pink slip mean?

You're fired! A "pink slip" has become an idiom for dismissal from a job, but it has an earlier meaning. The ownership papers for California vehicles was at one time printed (MORE)

How do you get a new pink slip for a car?

You can get a new pink slip or title for a car by contacting the  Clerk of Courts in your county (or the county where you purchased  the car). The Clerk of Courts can issue (MORE)

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