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What is 'Pinot grigio' when translated from French-Italian to English?

"Grey pine cone" is an English equivalent of the mixed  French/Italian phrase Pinot grigio. The masculine singular  noun and adjective translate into English, literally and (MORE)
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What color gris?

gris is gray in french. noir is black. jaune is yellow. vert is green. bleu is blue. rouge is red.
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How many calories in a glass of pinot grigio?

The number of calories in a glass of pinot grigio depends on the size of the glass. A standard glass of 5 ounces is approximately 122 calories. However, the number of calories (MORE)
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Where was Juan Gris from?

Juan Gris was born in Madrid on March 23, 1887. He moved to Paris, France in 1906, he lived and worked there, and he followed the artist Picasso. He began his conversion to sy (MORE)

What kind of art did Juan Gris make?

  Juan was a part of Cubism. Therefore the type of art he made was Cubist.
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What did people think about the paintings of Juan gris?

people thought that Juan was one of a kind though he was he became very competitive in his work though showed he was the best at what he did, he was very good. his work is sti (MORE)
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When was 9-1-1 started?

9-1-1, usually pronounced Nine-One-One (unlike nine-eleven which is  pronunciation for the terror strikes), was introduced some time  around the middle seventies; maybe arou (MORE)

Does Pinot Noir grape from Bouzy Champagne village have red juice instead of clear?

For most fine wines, the wine gets it color from the skins being left in the tank for a certain period of time after they squeeze the juice out. There are some varieties of g (MORE)
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What are the codes for 1 on 1 soccer?

The Beatles team - thEbeAtleS The Rolling Stones team - thERStoNes Wall - floSATball Fly - flyiSgmoDE Bowling ball - bOwliSbaLl Tennis ball - teNniSbaLl Beach ball (MORE)