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Causes of pinpoint pupils?

Bright light (as one natural reason). Opiate based drugs and medications can cause pinpoint pupils.
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Small pinpoint hemorrhages are called?

A petechia (pronounced /pɨˈtiːkiə/, plural petechiae /pɨˈtiːkɪ.iː/) is a small (1-2mm) red or purple spot on the body, caused by a minorhemorrhage (broken capillary b (MORE)
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Does tramadol cause pinpoint pupils?

Yes it does.  But not to the extent that stronger opioids do.  It is much weaker than oxycodone, morphine etc.  Constriction of pupils is most common when somebody overdose (MORE)

How do you pinpoint the epicenter of an earthquake?

Using triangulation. Triangulation is a way to find an unknown distance or location using two known locations. Simple geometry will tall you, if you have a triangle and know (MORE)