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What is pinyin?

Hanyu Pinyin Hanyu-Chinese language Pin-Sound yin-Together it's the standard music scale in China. They use English letters as symbols for pitch.
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How is Suzhou written in pinyin?

It is already in Pinyin. Suzhou is spelt exactly as it is, in Pinyin. The English pronunciation of Suzhou would be 'Su-Jo'

How do you learn Chinese pinyin?

There are diverse methods to learn the Chinese alphabet, beginnersmust master its basic configuration, that is, the consonants,vowels and tones. There are many special phoneti (MORE)
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How do you introducing oneself in hanyu pinyin?

Get any Chinese textbook at introduction level. Or even more fun: get a Chinese flash cards or Chinese books for kids. All kids stuffs in China have pinyin. (Until Chinese kid (MORE)
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What is the Chinese for Blue Dragon in pinyin?

When transcribed into pinyin chinese, "Blue Dragon" (or "Azure Dragon" as the symbol of Chinese constellations is usually translated) reads "Qinglong." It is also referred to (MORE)