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What is pinyin?

Hanyu Pinyin Hanyu-Chinese language Pin-Sound yin-Together it's the standard music scale in China. They use English letters as symbols for pitch.

Zodiac animals in Chinese pinyin?

lao shu (rat) niu (ox) lao hu (tiger) tu (rabbit) long (dragon) she (snake) ma (horse) yang (goat) hou zi (monkey) xiong ji (rooster) gou (dog) zhu (pig)

How do you write welcome in pinyin?

Chinese, unlike Western languages like English, French, and German, does not have an alphabet. Instead, it has something known as a "character system" that is composed of thou (MORE)

How do you say 17 in Chinese pinyin?

Pinyin it is shi qi. When pronounced it sounds like the end of advance (after the n sound) and qi is pronounced like the chi in tai chi. The Chinese characters can be written (MORE)

Who use pinyin as the official language?

Pinyin is not a language spoken by people, but is the method of Chinese phonetic instruction in . The spelling of Chinese geograph (MORE)
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What is the Pinyin phonetic system famous for?

The Pinyin phonetic system is used to transfer the sounds of Chinese characters into the Roman alphabet. Established in the 1950s, it is sometimes used to teach Standard Chin (MORE)

What is the difference to Pinyin and English?

Both pinyin and English are written with the Latin alphabet. Thedifference is that pinyin is a representation of pronunciation ofChinese words in a Western manner (where as in (MORE)