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What does pious mean?

Piety is being good and doing good for the sake of it, and not for selfish reasons. Pious is the adjective form of piety, to describe a pious act, attitude, or person. The Rom ( Full Answer )
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Who is Louis the pious?

Louis the Pious (778 - 20 June 840), also called the Fair, and the Debonaire, was the King of Aquitaine from 781 and co-Emperor (as Louis I) and King of the Franks with his fa ( Full Answer )
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What is a synonym for pious?

Pious means religious, or dedicated. Synonyms would be: . devout . righteous . godly . devoted . high-principled . spiritual . strict . priestly . zealous Hope it h ( Full Answer )
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Pious in a sentence?

my family is vary pious, because we show our religious devotion praying every day to god.
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What is a Pious Jew?

I believe this to be the most ideal answer... The Hebrew word for Pious is Chasid or Chesed. Another translation for Chesed is 'kind'. Jewish understanding of kindness revolve ( Full Answer )
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How was the pope pious?

Anyone who expresses reverence for a deity can be said to be a pious person. It does not have to be a Pope, Cardinal, Priest or anyone who holds a holy office to be pious. One ( Full Answer )
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What is a 'pious person'?

A pious person is generally a deeply religious person, seriously devoted to his belief system (or one who 'puts on a show' and pretends to be.)
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Who is Martin pious kelly?

+Martin Pius Kelly Is head of The order of saint Peter, and lives at carlow, Ireland. He is A Tridentine Catholic +Archbishop ,Healer, Exorcist, and a international award wini ( Full Answer )
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What are five pious Muslims?

I think you mean pillars of Islam, and you are right there are 5, and they are kinda like rules that Muslims have to keep (the christian version of the 10 commandant's. Pil ( Full Answer )
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Why do you need to be pious?

No one needs to be pious. You can be deeply faithful if you like,but making a show of your faithfulness is hypocritical andobnoxious. *********************** Let me add that i ( Full Answer )