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Did Ernie pyle have any kids?

no, his wife was mentally unstable....she tried to commit suicide twice and he wasn't home often enough

Who makes pyle pro?

The audio company Pyle. Pyle is also owned by Infinity. Pyle is NOT owned by Infinity. Infinity is a brand under Harman Audio. Pyle is owned by a parent company called Sou (MORE)

Do pineapples have pips?

  I recently bought a pineapple from Asda and it had lots of small black pips in - they looked a bit like linseed pips. I'm still here so they could't have been harmful!
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Why does an orange have pips?

The pips are the seeds and fruit are the parts of the plants that have the seeds. Some varieties of fruit have been selectivity bred not to have seeds but in general that is t (MORE)
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What is pips?

Pips can be parts of apples and tomatoes, or the small circles on  the sides of a die.