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What is cotton pique?

Cotton pique is a medium weight cotton with a raised woven design, and the resulting pattern may be squares or other geometric shapes.

What are synonyms of pique?

marcella , which refers to a weaving style, normally used with cotton yarn, which is characterized by raised parallel cords or fine ribbing.

What is a sentence with piqued in it?

It can mean vexed, intrigued, or provoked. Here are some sentences. . The mysterious note piqued my curiosity. . He felt piqued when she never showed up. . Your invitatio (MORE)
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What does pique mean in ballet?

Pique means "to prick". There are different kinds. At the barre they are used, like little quick taps of the tip of the toe with a fully extended and pointed leg. The accent (MORE)

Can you use piqued in a sentence?

It wasn't my plan to listen to Janea when she talked, but my curiosity was piqued and I realized I owed her that much, considering I was a jerk to her, so I listened, finding (MORE)
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How do you use pique?

As a noun meaning feelings of resentment over wounded pride or vanity : Jo carefully tended her fit of pique and made it last the whole weekend long. As a verb meaning 1 (MORE)
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What type of clothing is a pique polo?

A pique polo is a type of polo that is extremely plain. It is often used for school uniform or for casual use, and often depict no picture at all, with a small logo.