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What is cotton pique?

  Cotton pique is a medium weight cotton with a raised woven design, and the resulting pattern may be squares or other geometric shapes.
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What are synonyms of pique?

marcella, which refers to a weaving style, normally used with cotton yarn, which is characterized by raised parallel cords or fine ribbing.
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What is a sentence with piqued in it?

It can mean vexed, intrigued, or provoked. Here are some sentences. . The mysterious note piqued my curiosity. . He felt piqued when she never showed up. . Your invitatio (MORE)

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What is Gerard Pique Email?

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What name is Gerard Pique mom?

No information available on the internet, information about his mother is limited to her being director prestigious ­spinal injuries institute. I would guess the institute is (MORE)
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How did Gerard Pique success?

How did he get success, I think steroids and it seems he matured at FC Barcelona in his home country, very intense training and learning from the likes of Ferdinand Vidic Puyo (MORE)

Was Gerard pique a striker?

No. Pep guardiola was said to place pique as a falls striker against real madrid to confuse real's deffenders but later on pep changed his mined concidering it was to risky.
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How do you use pique?

As a noun meaning feelings of resentment over wounded pride or vanity : Jo carefully tended her fit of pique and made it last the whole weekend long. As a verb meaning 1 (MORE)