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What are pirates?

Pirates in fiction are sailing crews seeking treasures. In fact, they were (and still are) seagoing thieves and robbers. (see related questions) Video and Music Pirates (MORE)
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What did pirates do?

Pirates were private sailors who attacked and robbed ships, and plundered villages for their "loot", or stolen valuables. Some classic pirates were actually mercenaries or pri (MORE)
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Were there pirates?

\nNot only is there a long history of pirates, going back almost 3,000 years, but there are still pirates operating in some areas of the world today. There are numerous sites (MORE)
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Who are pirates?

In the days of the sailing ship, pirates were the blood-thirsty thieves of the unchartered seas. Pirates were common along the shores of Africa and in the Caribbean, where the (MORE)
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What do pirates do?

Technoligy speaking pirates use their weapons and skill to prevent bad people or things from invading themselves. When they see their we call prey coming they run or hide and (MORE)
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Who were pirates?

pirates were people who were on ships and had treasures maps to find treasures .
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What is a pirateer?

A privateer is a person who legally captures or destroys the apposing country during war time.
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Where were pirates from?

Pirates frequented the carribean, but they also existed elsewhere, including europe, and especially off the coast of China before the fall of the Yuan dynasty. They also worke (MORE)
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Where are pirates?

They're criminals at sea basically.. The hijack other ships steal whatever they want take hostages sometimes and if they want they just might kill you. And yes, pirates STILL (MORE)
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Why were they Pirates?

Pirates were usually people on a boat who rebelled, then were corrupted by power, and wanted money.