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What is 'se alquila piso' in English?

It depends on how it is phrased. It can mean all of the following: . Apartment for rent . Flat for rent . Floor for rent
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What is 100 sandaang piso worth?

Depends in which currency you want it to be in. Use to convert any currency to another. A Sandaang Piso is a Philippines Pesos (PHP), which is approx. 1 PHP = ( Full Answer )
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How much is 10 piso in American Dollars?

It depends on the exchange rate. For PHP (Philippine Peso) as of 7/27/2010, BPI = 45.70 = $1 USD BDO = 45.61=$1 USD For MXN (Mexican Peso) as of 7/27/2010 NAT ( Full Answer )
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How much is 1000 piso in dollars?

Exchange Rates as of 7/27/2010 PHP (Philippine Peso) NAT= 45.70 (1000 / 45.70 = 21.88 USD) MXN (Mexican Peso) NAT= 12.68 (1000 / 12.68 = 78.86 USD)
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How much is 100 piso in American Dollars?

The Mexican peso is currently equal to 7.702 of the US dollar. Itis divided into 100 centavos. The exchange rate got a nice upgradethis month from the International Monetary f ( Full Answer )
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How much is Limandaang piso worth?

How much the bills are worth will depend upon the amount of pesosthey are noted for. The bills would make a good piece to any moneycollector's set.
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How do you say El piso in English?

It means 'floor', in the sense of a level in the building, e.g. vive en el primer piso = he lives on the first floor. It can also mean flat, apartment, thus: Mi piso es en e ( Full Answer )
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What is the English translation of pisos Barcelona?

The English translation of the phrase, "Pisos Barcelona" means "flat for rent in Barcelona". This phrase is one that might be found in a classified section of a local newspape ( Full Answer )
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What has the author Cecilia Pisos written?

Cecilia Pisos has written: 'Pf- Las Brujas Sueltas' 'Cuentos Breves Latino Americanos' 'Las Hadas Sueltas / Free Fairies (Pan Flauta / Bread Flute)' 'Proyecto Con Todo ( Full Answer )