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Is piss a badword?

Piss is the common word for urine. If it is a bad word, depends in  what context the word is used. For instance: saying, "I'm going for  a pee" is more informative than offe (MORE)
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What is pissing?

urinating, peeing         It can mean peeing on your partner body/mouth while you having sex.   to pee putside,and to pee in a cup
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Is pisses in the Bible?

  2 Kings 18:27 ... piss, no pisses   Answer   1 Kings   # Behold, I will bring evil upon the house of Jeroboam, and will cut off from Jeroboam him that pisse (MORE)
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How do you piss outside?

If your a boy the first thing you need to do is undo you belt, pull down your pants and then let it flow, your outside dont aim feel free
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What is pisse prophet?

A pisse prophet was someone who, long ago, examined urine. If one urinated upon the ground and ants were attracted to it, the person was unhealthy. If ants moved away from the (MORE)
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What is challenge pissing?

"Challenge Pissing" was made up by Big Bill Hell's Cars. You can  watch the video on youtube.

How do guy piss?

The same as a woman does from the end of the urethra. Exept in the case of a male the urethra finishes at the end of the glans penis.
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What does piss mean?

It's slang meaning "to urinate".   In some British areas, "to be pissed" means to get drunk. While in  the US it means "to be angry".    Some regions may find the (MORE)