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Do Submarines Yaw Pitch and Roll?

  Lord yes. Under extreme surface weather conditions, submerged turbulence can go very deep indeed. I still remember being at sea in 1983, at 400', while a hurricane was p (MORE)

What does yaw on vehicles mean?

The word yaw describes where the car (or any object) rotates  around its center of gravity.   This would normally describe when the rear of car slides out in a  corner.
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What is yaw pitching and rolling on a vehicle?

The terms 'yaw, roll and pitch' describe the three axis of rotation of a vehicle body (or, indeed, a vessel or aircraft). Roll is a rotation about the longitudinal (front t (MORE)

What is adverse yaw?

  Adverse yaw is a secondary effect of the ailerons. When the ailerons are actuated, one of its effects is an asymmetrical change in drag. In essence, when the ailerons ar (MORE)

What is a definition of yaw?

Yaw moves the plane left to right as opposed to roll (spinning around an axis running from nose to tail of plane) and as opposed to to pitch which moves the plane up or down. (MORE)