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Did Molly Pitcher have children?

Molly Pitcher did have a child, and he was with John Hays. The baby  was a boy and was born in 1780. Molly and John named him John Jr.  after his dad. and a dude
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Why was Molly Pitcher famous?

In the Battle of Monmouth in the Revolutionary War, Molly Pitcher saved many people from dying of thirst. She bravely carried water onto the battlefield to help wounded soldie (MORE)

Pitcher plant pitcher tops turning brown?

  The leaves may be dying, which is natural. If the leaves are exposed to extreme sunlight, it may be burning. If this is so, allow the plant less extreme light. It depend (MORE)
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What does pitcher mean?

A pitcher is a larger measurement for a jug. They are commonly  used when referring to cocktails. 
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What does a pitcher do?

A pitcher throws a variety of pitches from the mound. He or She may throw a fastball, knuckleball, screwball, changeup, etc.... He or She may throw the ball fast or slow. Each (MORE)

What did Molly Pitchers parents do for work?

Molly Pitcher's real name was Mary  Ludwig. She was born in Philadelphia. Her father was a butcher. 
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How fast can pitchers throw a baseball?

Depends on what kind of pitch.. Anywhere from 70MPH to 95MPH... Some of them even get up to 100MPH-105MPH The fastest a baseball has ever been thrown, verified by a radar gun (MORE)

How does a pitcher get a save?

Any relief pitcher can come in and pitch at least three innings EFFECTIVELY and get a save. Here is rule 10.20 from the site on June 2nd. Credit a pitcher with a save (MORE)

When does a pitcher get a no decision?

A no decision is given to a starting pitcher who does not get  credit for either a win or a loss for that game. A starting pitcher  may come out for a relief pitcher with th (MORE)