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Population of Pittsburgh Pennsylvania?

The 2006 Census estimate was 316,718. Pennsylvania has lost population in every Census since 1950 when it had a population of 676,806 residents.
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How long is a flight from Pittsburgh Pennsylvania to Hawaii?

Pittsburgh, PA (PIT) to Honolulu, HI (HNL)\n. \nShortest Flight Duration * \n11 hours 50 mins * \nVia Chicago O'Hare International Apt, Chicago (ORD)\n. \n . this includes (MORE)

What is the distance between Harrisburg Pennsylvania and Pittsburgh Pennsylvania?

Harrisburg, PA is approximately 243 miles from Pittsburgh, PA. If you travel by car, the best route to take is the PA Turnpike, which is a toll road. Plan to spend about 4 hou (MORE)
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Where is the best MMA gym in Pittsburgh Pennsylvania?

Pittsburgh Fight Club is the most prominent and oldest gym in the area. They've also produced some of the best fighters in all of south western PA. Besides PFC there's Mark Sh (MORE)

What is the zip code for Pittsburgh Pennsylvania?

  15201 to 15243 refer to this: Pittsburgh, PA has 77 zip codes: 15295 / 15290 / 15289 / 15286 / 15283 (MORE)