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Who is sir Bruce sans pitie?

This is a corruption of 'Sir Brus San Pitie' who was a malevolent knight in the Mallory tales 'Le Mort D'Arthur'
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What does the difference between sympathy and pity?

Sympathy indicates a geniune feeling of sorrow for another, accompanied by a sense or expression that the sympathetic feels the other person's pain, or has experienced similar (MORE)

What does the saying more's the pity mean?

  It means, unfortunately. "Did you ask Kathy out?" "Yeah, but she turned me down, more's the pity." "More's the pity" is an adverbial expression meaning "unfortunatel (MORE)

What does piti Yankee mean?

comes from the word Petite-Yankee or small yankee. It has been used in many countries in Latin-America to designed those nationals that seem to identify themselves with U.S. i (MORE)
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What is self-pity?

Self Pity is the most severe and highest form of Pride. In Self Pity you think only of yourself and set your own beliefs up as the most superior judge of what is right or wron (MORE)

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What is piti?

  PITI is often referred to when speaking of a mortgage payment it stands for:   Principle Interest Taxes and Insurance all of the components of a mortgage payment if t (MORE)

What is pity?

Pity is a type of emotion. When you feel pity, you feel bad for  someone or something, because its situation is less fortunate than  your own.

What is a pity date?

A pity date is when he/she doesn't want to go out with you but does  anyway because he/she feels sorry for you.
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