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Who is Pope Pius IX?

He was the last pope who reigned over the Papal States, a large piece of central and northern Italy which the Popes got in 753/754 by probably the largest scam in history. Pi (MORE)

What does IX mean?

In Roman numerals I = 1 and X = 10. The numeral IX represents 1 before 10, which is 9.
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Why was Pope Pius IX excommunicated from the Freemasons?

Roman Catholic Answer  This is the same tack as asking someone when they stopped beating  their wife. You are making an unwarranted assumption in asking such  a question. F (MORE)

What part did Pope Pius IX play in the early Italian Unification?

A:   Pope Pius IX opposed the unification of Italy,  as this reduced the power and wealth of the papacy. Although the  Italians placed no restrictions on his movements, (MORE)

Why did Pius IX resist moves to annex the Papal States?

The Papal States of historical Italy was ruled civilly by the Pope from about the 6th century until Italy was unified in 1861.   In 1796, the country now know as Italy was (MORE)
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Who is St. Pius?

There are several popes named Pius who are saints, others who are in the process of canonization.
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Did Pope Pius IX kidnap a Jewish child and had him raised as a Catholic?

NO Improved answer - After further investigation, the answer is more yes than no... Pope Pius IX during his 1846-1878 papacy removed a Jewish child from his family. Edgar (MORE)

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What is the title IX?

Title IX is the law against discrimination against someone's gender  and race in a place of business