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For what is Pope Pius XII remembered?

A:    Pius XII was pope of  the Catholic Church from March 1939 to his death in October 1958.  He opposed the German invasion of Poland, criticised the Nazi  atrocit (MORE)

What does piu' cresc mean?

It means a very dramatic crescendo. piu' means more, and cresc is short for crescendo, meaning to gradually get louder
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Why was Pope Pius IX excommunicated from the Freemasons?

Roman Catholic Answer  This is the same tack as asking someone when they stopped beating  their wife. You are making an unwarranted assumption in asking such  a question. F (MORE)
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Who was pope after Pope Pius X?

His Holiness Pope Benedict XV (the former Cardinal della Chiesa) was elected Pope after His Holiness Pope Saint Pius X.
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Louis IX of France facts?

Louis IX is the fourth son of Louis VIII, and came to be king because his elder brothers died before the King. He was only 12 when his father passed away, so the kingdon was p (MORE)

Why did Pius IX resist moves to annex the Papal States?

The Papal States of historical Italy was ruled civilly by the Pope from about the 6th century until Italy was unified in 1861.   In 1796, the country now know as Italy was (MORE)

How did Antoninus Pius die?

Antoninus Pius died of old age. He was 70 and could not walk upright without a corset. One evening he ate heartily at dinner and at night he vomited. He summoned a council in (MORE)
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What is a primary source of Pope Pius XII?

I don't think I understand what you mean by the "primary source".  If you are referring to the primary source of information on PPXII, the answer is  Sr. Margherita Marc (MORE)
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Was Pope Pius XII a good Pope?

There has been much discussion about that. As an administrator of  the Roman Catholic church he did well enough, but he has been much  blamed for never condemning Nazi atroc (MORE)
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What is the title IX?

Title IX is the law against discrimination against someone's gender  and race in a place of business